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This is a blog site about the otherworldly creatures most often known as faeries. They have taken many forms over the centuries, and interact with humanity in a myriad of ways. Are they nothing but the nebulous hallucinations of gullible people, turned into folktales by imaginative storytellers, or are they messengers of deeper meaning accessed by both mystics and the unwary in altered states of consciousness? Maybe both, and much more. They’ll be investigated here from many perspectives, and perhaps some of their secrets will be divested. Content will appear regularly…

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17th-century English woodcut with faeries, burial mound (hollow hill with door), fly agaric mushroom and the face of a ‘spirit’ in the tree

“If we are prepared to set aside the automatic scepticism and reductionism of our age, and if we spell out the problem in plain language, then we find that we are contemplating the existence of highly intelligent discarnate entities belonging to an order of creation fundamentally different than our own… it really is almost as though the beings we are dealing with have been changing and developing alongside us for thousands of years, and that they therefore cannot simply be mass delusions, but must have a definite, independent reality outside the human brain.” Graham Hancock, Supernatural (2005).

Dead but Dreaming the novel is available now.

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