Charles Bonnet Syndrome and the Faeries

I was recently interviewed by Simon Young for the Fairy Investigation Society. He wanted to explore my experiences brought on by the condition known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome, and how this might relate to an understanding of what the faeries are, and the interfaces between metaphysical entity encounters and consciousness. I usually keep my own persona and experiences out of deadbutdreaming posts, and I have not talked about my acquaintance with the syndrome in any public format before this. But I thought readers might be interested in what this unusual condition entails, and the possible relationship between its symptoms and the faeries. Thanks to Simon for the interview and agreeing for it to be re-posted here.

Neil, thanks so much for agreeing to talk. Many of our readers will know you from one of the most extraordinary blogs on faerie-lore: deadbutdreaming. Can you tell us something about yourself and how you became so interested in faerie-lore?

I have a doctorate in archaeology from the University of Cambridge, and have been practising archaeology since 1992. About two decades ago I became interested in the confluence between various prehistoric archaeological sites and folklore, after reading Leslie Grinsell’s Folklore of Prehistoric Sites in Britain (1976).

A common experience, I think.

Indeed, and since then I’ve written more and more about folklore. My special interest is in the faerie-lore of Britain, as I quickly realised that these entities were deeply embedded in so much of the folklore of these isles, and that the great wealth of lore about them must mean something. I originally approached the subject from a purely traditional folkloric perspective – that is, understanding the faeries as remnants of previous historic belief systems, and perhaps as characters to explain the human condition through Jungian psychology. This changed somewhat during a meditation session at West Kennet Long Barrow in Wiltshire. This is a Neolithic burial chamber (it would have also been used for a variety of other ritual purposes), and while meditating within its confines in 1999 I had a vivid and super-real experience of various faerie creatures – very Froud-like, and evidently as aware of me as I was of them.

Was this your first experience of meditating?

No, I’d been meditating for a few years by this time, but it was my first experience meditating at a prehistoric site. It took me a long time to incorporate this encounter in to my world-view, but since this time I have had many more experiences, and my research into others’ encounters has drawn me to the conclusion that the faeries are some type of real entity. My current tentative interpretation is that they represent some aspect of human consciousness, not usually apparent in consensus reality, but which can interact with us when certain conditions are met. This is slightly simplistic, as the faeries certainly represent many more things than this, but I am convinced that at some level they are agents of a metaphysical reality that can overlap our own. I have been writing about this on my blog site since 2016.

Neil I know that you suffer from Charles Bonnet Syndrome. As many readers will not have heard of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, can you tell us a bit about it and why it is so often associated with faeries and other supernatural experiences?

The syndrome is named after the Swiss naturalist, who first described the condition in 1760. The standard NHS description of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) is that it is: ‘a condition experienced by people who are losing, or have lost, their sight. It involves seeing things which are not really there (having visual hallucinations). The hallucinations are most marked in low light or when relaxing and are often complicated scenes involving faces, children and wild animals.’ However, this is simply a description from a materialist, reductionist perspective, that assesses anything without material substance as ‘not real’. My own experiences [ed. see below] do not feel like hallucinations, and this is a common thread of many people who have CBS visual encounters. They will frequently describe humanoid entities (sometimes cartoon-like) that appear, usually fleetingly, in what remains of their peripheral vision. But there is usually interaction with these entities, and a feeling of something real being present, much in the same way as if another person were in the space. The correspondence between these descriptions and folkloric descriptions of the faeries and modern anecdotal testimonies of a variety of supernatural beings (including, but not limited to faeries) is distinct and noticeable.

If you don’t mind me asking how did you realise that you had CBS? How long did diagnosis take?

I lost most of my sight in my left eye through a retinal occlusion in 2014. In late 2015, after knocking myself unconscious through a fall, my visual cortex was damaged and limited the vision in my right eye as well. Shortly after this the symptoms of CBS began to manifest. I had never heard of CBS, and it was only after a discussion with my then psychiatrist that I was made aware this syndrome might be causing the unusual visuals I was experiencing. I then discussed the issue with my ophthalmologist, who termed the condition Visual Release Hallucinations. An ophthalmologist will not diagnose a person with CBS/VRH as such, but mine did take the time to discuss the condition with me, explaining that it is an uncommon, but well-known symptom of people with my type of optical problems. I have regular six-month ophthalmological assessments for my eyesight, and each report now contains a short section describing the continuing symptoms.

You talked about your own experiences? Can you give us some examples?

The visual entities I experience with CBS usually (though not exclusively) appear in low light, but never in total darkness, and I am always alone when they eventuate. This has happened several times a week since damaging my visual cortex in 2015. Sometimes the visuals are simple lights or smoke-like wisps, which are usually just glimpsed in my peripheral vision, last only a few seconds, and there is only a limited sense that there is something ‘present’. But often the visuals are more substantial, and will manifest as slightly cartoonish humanoid entities, frequently dressed in either archaic clothing or in garb that seems to emit a dull glow. The most fascinating aspect of these visuals is their apparent concrete reality, and even more compelling is the awareness that something is most definitely present. This always includes a form of telepathic communication, usually in the form of a series of phrases, which I never seem to be able to reply to. I can’t stress how real these communications are – as real as if someone were sitting next to me and talking.

Extraordinary! How long do they last?

Usually between a few seconds and several minutes. Any attempt to look directly at the entities will halt the experience; they do seem to exist only in the periphery of vision. I’ve learnt to not attempt to look straight at the visuals if I want the encounter to continue. A recent example involved a small, mechanical gnome-like entity who materialised on the arm of my sofa and proceeded to communicate the repeated words ‘Everything will be ok, let go of all anxiety… everything will be ok.’ I do realise that this sounds quite insane, and when these manifestations first began (although I was never frightened by them – they never seem to emit any hostility or malevolence, only empathy), I thought that the trauma of losing so much eyesight was taking me towards a mental breakdown. This is a common feeling of people with CBS. But after a while I just accepted the experiences as part of everyday life. I have to admit that I have come to enjoy the unusual nature of the experiences.

You talked of the sense that the vision is next to you: do you have the sense that the voice is real too?

Very much so. The voices are never present without the visuals, and it is always quite clear they are coming from the same source. Again, when this first started to happen I did a lot of research into the symptoms of schizophrenia, one of which can be hearing disembodied voices, but I quickly satisfied myself that I was not suffering from this disorder. Having spoken with several people with schizophrenia since, I have realised their experiences are very different than mine.

And how often do you have these visions? Once a week? Once a day?

It does vary – probably twice a week on average, but sometimes they’ll be absent for as long as a fortnight, while other times I’ll experience them more than once a day. There is some type of link to how anxious I am feeling; they are more likely to appear during periods of anxiety. But this is not always the case – they seem to have their own timetable!

Would you interpret these as hallucinations then; or are you, somehow, getting privileged sights of a deeper reality?

I think that CBS may be one among many ways of allowing access to non-material phenomenon. If we are willing to accept that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of the brain (thereby allowing CBS visions to be relegated to brain-generated hallucinations), but rather that consciousness is primary, and the instigator of reality, then these visuals may be allowed to take on an autonomous reality of their own. One way of looking at it is by seeing the brain as a reducing valve of a greater consciousness (à la Aldous Huxley), and that if it becomes damaged or altered in any way, it may allow in aspects of consciousness that are usually filtered out, thereby altering the genuine perception of an ulterior or supernal reality experienced by the person with the damaged/altered brain.

But, in as simple a language as possible, how does this work: how is it that a medical condition can lead to this extended vision?

I think CBS is a type of altered state of consciousness. I have taken a variety of psychedelics through my life, and there are definitely similarities in the perception of a non-ordinary presence. For me, these entities more often than not take a form that many people would describe as faeries. There are many thousands of recent reports from people taking the potent psychedelic substance N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which correlate closely with both folkloric descriptions of faeries and also CBS visions. As per the last answer, it seems to me as if a change to the brain can, under certain conditions, allow us to perceive what is usually suppressed in waking reality. Perhaps my long interest in faerie folklore has predisposed me to interpret the appearing entities as faeries (rather than, say, aliens or ghosts) but I cannot emphasise enough the vividness of the experiences and the apparent substantiality of the visions and the communications they impart.

Neil, fascinating. Thanks so much.

You’re welcome Simon.

The cover image is by the Amsterdam-based digital artist Peter Woko, and is called ‘Monkey King and Psychonaut’. Peter’s artwork can be found here, and his Twitter handle is @wokopsyart . Thanks to Peter for his permission to reproduce this piece on deadbutdreaming.


Author: neilrushton

I write about my subversive thoughts... a lot of them are about those most ungraspable of metaphysical creatures; faeries. I published my first novel in 2016, "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", and my second novel was published in 2020 - 'Dead but Dreaming', where some very cosmic faeries are awaiting the protagonist at an English psychiatric hospital in 1970...

33 thoughts on “Charles Bonnet Syndrome and the Faeries”

  1. Neil, I am still working through the revelations in your interview but I can’t help feeling your testimony could be incredibly important for others diagnosed with this “syndrome”. Are there other places where you could post this interview? And have you come across any others with CBS whose visions take on the appearance of the elemental worlds?

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    1. Thank you Steve. I have posted it around the usual social media places, although targeting ‘esoteric’ sites more than anything specific to do with CBS. Please feel free to share yourself if you think appropriate. I know two people who have CBS and their experiences are different in form, but have similar components. Neither of these people thought the visuals were faeries, but were undecided as to whether they were generated by the brain or if there is some metaphysical reality to the phenomenon. The interviewer, Simon Young of the Fairy Investigation Society, has a special interest in CBS and has written about it in a couple of his articles. Thanks again for reading…


  2. I am deeply impressed by your calm response to the symptoms of CBS, I feel one might have been terrified or assumed one was losing touch with reality. Your intelligent questioning of it if most admirable. Would you say it enriches your life? Or is that too positive an interpretation?

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    1. Thank you Beth. I certainly did think that I was headed for a mental meltdown when it first started happening. I guess my understanding of ‘supernatural’ entities over the years helped me to incorporate the phenomenon. I’ve never felt any threat from what I see and hear, quite the opposite… so yes, there is an enriching quality. But until now I’ve not spoken about it, as I’m quite sure that many people will simply think I am spiralling into insanity! Thanks again for reading and commenting…

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  3. Thank you for discussing such a deeply personal experience with a condition many folks likely know nothing about. We humans communicate on so many levels of comprehension, not always with words and not always in the present. My mother suffered with Alzheimer’s for nearly two decades. She seemed to live in a time period unfamiliar to me, though hers before I was born. I learned to accept who she was at that moment because to her, it was exactly who she was. I suspect that at the periphery of our sight, all of us live alternate lives or at least have a portal to them. Your view, opened because of your syndrome, lends weight to remembering our pasts and recognizing other presents, even if they do not belong to us.

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  4. Neil, your explanation of CBS is fascinating. Since you first experienced the visions/entities after the fall that damaged your visual cortex, it reminded me of experiences I had as a young woman. Namely prophetic dreams. They occurred when I was pregnant, and I have since read that this is not terribly unusual. Pregnancy affects hormones and, I think brain chemistry, perhaps unlocking portions of the brain most of us don’t normally access. I wonder if your CBS might involve similar changes that allow you to “see” hidden realms of consciousness.

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    1. Thank you Lyn. I’m quite certain by now that there are a myriad of ‘conditions’ (and pregnancy must be considered as a sublime, numinous condition) that can alter states of consciousness and allow us access to a deeper reality. We’ve been indoctrinated by a reductionist worldview that this is not possible, but there is mounting evidence to the contrary. As always, I think that direct, personal experience of these shifts in consciousness (by whatever means) is our best method for understanding them at a fundamental, irreducible level. Thanks again for reading and re-posting…

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      1. I totally agree, Neil. If I had not experienced the dreams mentioned above, I might not have believed psychic phenomena to be real. After that, I had no choice. In one of my books, Decoding Michaela, the psychic character guards an ancient prophesy foretelling a future when mindreading (Michaela’s “gift”) and other such abilities will be commonplace. I included that because I believe it’s quite possible.

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  5. Fantastic interview Neil. What you are experiencing is real and you mentioned a very important point, don’t look directly at the vision. Perhaps this is similar to “second sight” in Gaelic traditions. When younger I trained in what was called “the seers stare” where you stare into a mirror and gradually the brain adjusts and sees what is on the peripheral rather than forward sight. And the messages, they are for you, believe in them. 🙂

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  6. Very, very interesting Neil, when I started to become definitely ‘aware’ of odd/none physical things I went though a very unstable phase (I think it’s referred to as the ‘shadow self’ (by Jung)) however, it’s almost like there is some ‘pay back/price to pay’ when you become interested or just start to ‘naturally’ access and begin to ‘really’ get in touch with deeper aspects of yourself/reality!!!

    I’ve recently (in the last year or so) started to figure out enough to start to ‘decode/translate’ all of the nature spirits and ancient monument symbolism and ‘strangely’ I’ve been focused on the Avebury complex and more so within this the West Kennet cave area (I’d be very, very interested to know what you picked up re the meditation you did within that cave area) in fact it was reading this page that reminded myself that I’d visited the main Avebury circle 30 years ago, and on approaching the entrance I was confronted by the horn and hoofed version of ‘pan/the green man’ which initially had me very worried/holding back BUT as it was spending it’s time laughing at my reaction and ‘me’ and in that I didn’t pick up anything ‘bad/negative’ from it then I continued and it/this form then basically acted as a guide and had me going all over the place within the two ringed Averbury complex space . . .

    I’ll let you know when I start to put some of the ‘symbolism’ translations out in public, West Kennet is very interesting, if you check out this image of the entrance lintel here: you’ll see that the lintel stone is representing a sleeping dragon, then if you look at an aerial view of West Kennet the entire site is representing a ‘dragon’ the front entrance has spiky stones and the face of a dragon and the undulating path over the top is representing a dragon’s tail!!!!

    The entire complex is ‘symbolic’ of exceptionally well ‘hidden’ things!!!

    Actually having neglected my ‘nature spirit’ focused site for ages I’ve been updating it (, so having written this I’ll put up the Avebury horned Pan experience sometime!!!

    It’s worth watching the old TV series called ‘The Children of the Stones’ which is set in Avebury village the old guy in that series I’m sure is shown spending time in the west kennet cave and ‘coincidentally’ at one point shows himself to have a gold coin with a winged dragon/serpent on it!!!!

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  7. Neil, I am pleased to tell you that I constantly have difficulty doing any kind of justice to your posts, while this most recent one – for me – follows the same path. Last Saturday, I was 60 and for most of those six decades, I have spent a considerable amount of time reading about the supernatural, or else going out of my way to experience it in some form for myself. I could write for long hours about all this, because it truly enthralls me, but my point is that I find the content and style of your posts endlessly fascinating. Thank you for helping to make life so interesting.

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    1. Your words and support are always kind, and I appreciate it enormously. I attempt to write these posts with the objective of sharing knowledge I believe to be useful. Sometimes this is knowledge derived from others and sometimes it is gnostic. But ultimately, it is about exploring existence… and as I think you know, existence is something that we can only begin to comprehend once we climb out of our reality boxes. Thanks again for reading and commenting…

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    1. You’ve got it. The condition scares a lot of people, but I’ve embraced it as a gift. I don’t like my lack of decent eyesight, but it seems to have enhanced a more metaphysical sense within me…


      1. When high strangeness started in my life, I was worried at first. Now I embrace it as being aware of the greater reality that surrounds us but not normally aware of.

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  8. Thank you so much for this. I am 19 and have been conscious of this happening to me ever since I started practicing meditating before bed in the dark. I immediately believed it was something metaphysical. I didn’t know about CBS or that it had to do with my poor vision at all. I just thought I was connecting with spirits or getting visions somehow, but every time I tried concentrating too hard on the faces or figures, they would disappear. So, this interview brought me a lot of clarity.

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    1. Thank you Shaina. As you can tel, I do indeed believe the phenomenon is metaphysical. The partial disruption of the sense of sight appears to open up the Mind to a larger consciousness, where there seem to be entities that interact with us. Are those entities in our Minds all the time and only appear under certain circumstances? Or do they reside elsewhere in a collective consciousness or an alternative reality – making themselves known (again) under certain circumstances? I don’t know, but the phenomenon is fascinating, and not, I think, anything to be frightened of. For me it is a learning experience. Anyway – thanks for reading and commenting – it’s appreciated…


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